West Pacific Electric is dedicated to continuously improving the way we work, providing a safe work environment, enhancing supplier performance and exceeding customer’s expectations.- Virginia Villa CEO


Our mission is to construct projects in the federal, public, and private sectors that go far beyond our clients’  needs and expectations through our outstanding results. Our vision is to be considered one of the most reliable, efficient,  and dependable contractor with all of our clients.  Founded in 2008, West Pacific Electric is a woman-owned small business servicing customers throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. West Pacific Electric believes that every job requires workmanship and integrity. We do an outstanding job of providing every client with our outmost attention and respect.

West Pacific Electric is known to make safety our main priority. Our EMR (Experience Modification Rate) is 0.91 . OSHA Days Away From Work, Restricted duty, Transfer (DART)) Rate is 0.0.

License Number: 918393

California Public Utilities Commission (MWBE):  9AN00031

Ca. License: A, B, C-10, C46

Cage Code: 5AJB1

Our Services

Complete Electrical Distribution Systems

Emergency Power/UPS Systems (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Renewable Energy

High Voltage Cabling

High Voltage Splicing

Fiber Option Installation


Security Systems

Our Clients

Industrial Plants

Processing Plants


Federal Facilities

Utility Companies

State Facilities


Uncompromising Quality

West Pacific Electric has been recognized countlessly for our quality of work. Our Construction methods, materials, structural adequacy, appearance, workmanship and attention to detail is something we take strong pride in.


Our Company has 72 years of combined Experience in the Government Sector. We perform all Phases of Electrical, with a speciality in Electrical Distribution. Our experience level is very unique and we always think of the most efficient, yet cost effective way to do things.


It is central to our firm that professionalism is portrayed not only by our office staff, but also by our field employees and superintendents. Our team knows how to handle any situation with the highest level of professionalism. Everyone is treated with respect and loyalty.


Our pricing is always competitive. We provide our clients with the best prices possible and in a timely manner.


Evaluating the quality of our performance measures our firms reliability and integrity. Our clients know they can depend on our firm for competitive pricing, high standards, flexible scheduling needs and knowledge.


West Pacific is a small business that exceeds expectations when it comes to performance. We have high standards in our firm and excellent performance is achieved all around. From the office staff to the field employees our clients are always satisfied.