Our Core Values & Our Beliefs

West Pacific Electric Company has become a major provider of primary overhead and underground electrical distribution. Serving the Western United States, WPEC has worked extensively with Industrial Processing Plants and has performed on numerous Government projects. We are a Small Woman-Owned Business that sets high goals. We know what we are capable of as a Business. We are always committed to doing the right thing and being open and honest with our clients.

Partnership based approach is one of the successful tools that WPEC uses to ensure success on all our project. We believe in strong partnership and communication from the inception of the project to the completion of the project.  This approach allows continual communication between out clients and our firm. The foundation of West Pacific Electric’s ongoing success is centered around preserving the relationship with our employees and our clients. It is important to our firm to operate consistently with our values.

Excellence is our goal. As a leading Electrical Contractor, WPEC provides a turnkey design and build product. We work closely with our design team Dinter Engineering to provide our clients with valued engineering while meeting the Government acquisition requirements. Each day we strive to earn our reputation. We expect every employee to deliver outstanding work daily and we also expect them to be innovative. We believe innovation helps the employee grow, and the business.

Commitment to Safety. West Pacific Electric is dedicated to safety. The safety of our employees and the public around us is taken very seriously. We strive for zero incidence. We take great pride in our safety program and are always finding new ways to make it stronger.  Since the inception of the Company there has never been an injury on any of our job sites. We make safety a team effort.