Our Clients

Industrial Plants & Processing Plants

When it comes to Industrial installations, you want a company with the skill to handle all of the required Safety, Phasing and Interfacing components that the project demands. West Pacific Electric Company has that experience. With working at numerous Industrial and Processing Plants, we have performed safe and quality installations throughout the Central Valley. You can trust West Pacific Electric Company to give you the product you expect and the necessary resources after completion of the project to ensure that your operation runs smoothly.


West Pacific Electric Company can perform all of your commercial installation needs. With experience in tenant improvements, new building requirements and complete commercial renovations, we are a complete full-service commercial contractor.

Federal and State Government Facilities

The CEO of WPEC, has over 30+ years of experience working in the Federal and State Sector.  Working with the Department of Defense, U.S. Coast Guard, International Bureau of Broadcasting, NASA and other Government Agencies has earned “Exceptional Evaluations” with his work.

Utility Companies

WPEC crews have successfully completed several projects for Utility Companies. We are committed to each and every project that we have completed. With the new Energy Movement taken place in the World today we look forward to the trend of Renewable Energy and our role that we can take in the industry.